NYSAASC CommitteesCommittee Meeting

Participating in a committee is a great way to help your association thrive and add your voice to issues that matter to you! If you see a topic that interests you, please contact the association for information about joining that committee.

Please email NYSAASC to volunteer for or contact a committee.


Education Committee

The Education Committee plans educational opportunities for NYSAASC members. These opportunities can be in-person, virtual, statewide, regional, or in coordination with other state associations. In addition to separate educational events, this committee works with the program committee on planning and coordinating educational breakout sessions during the NYSAASC Annual Conference.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee shall coordinate dissemination of information regarding proposed, pending, and enacted regulations and third-party payer practices to Members of the Association. The Legislative Committee helps steer the legislative agenda for the association. Legislation is reviewed and actions are then recommended to the board. The committee will also make recommendations on potential new legislation and participate in legislative and advocacy initiatives. This committee will coordinate efforts with the Excelsior AASC PAC and make recommendations for support and will assist with the planning of a PAC event at the Annual Conference.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee will drive new member initiatives. They will work closely with the board on any advertising needs and will assist regional groups to reach out to non-members to be included in events. The Membership Committee shall review and make recommendations to the Board concerning eligibility and approval of applicants for membership and shall encourage membership in the Association. 

Program Committee

The Program Committee plans and coordinates all aspects of the Annual Conference. They work closely with the Education Committee and Legislative Committee who assist with special sessions within the conference (educational breakout sessions and an Excelsior AASC PAC event respectively). Members of the Program Committee work closely with exhibitors and session presenters as well as coordinate with the venue and vendors for the event.

Quality Committee

The Quality Committee ensures that NYSAASC effectively measures and reports on the quality of care provided by New York's ASCs and produces benchmarking surveys of value to ASCs.